The Sherborn Arts and Craft Fair welcomes local artisans, young entrepreneurs, members of the community and restauranteurs to showcase and sell their creations and/or educate attendees about their organization.

To participate, please submit your registration form by March 31st, 2019. Links for forms below.


Vendor Registration

The Sherborn Arts and Crafts Fair is a 47-year old juried fair. Applications are reviewed by a jury of Friends of the Sherborn Library Board Members to ensure a balanced representation of exhibitors and handcrafted items.


youth booth registration

The Sherborn Arts and Crafts fair welcomes young entrepreneurs and students participating in the Pine Hill 5th Grade community service project to create and sell their wares to benefit a non-profit organization of their choice.


Food Vendor registration

Be a food vendor at the fair and sell your food to hundreds of hungry attendees. Please complete the form and let us know what you planBooth cost is only $100.


community registration

Non-profit organizations in the community are encouraged to participate in the fair. Please contribute interactive booths that teach attendees about your organization and/or sell items to support your non-profit.